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Evernote for Windows Phones gets an update, embraces tiles!

We love really good apps, no matter what our OS of choice is.  We really love really good apps that embrace the good things that OS of choice has to offer.

Evernote for Windows Phones has updated, and it has replaced the note list with tiles!  Hark, the herald angels sing!  Now you can look at a tile at a glance, and see the title, a picture (if there is one for that note), a clear audio icon (if it’s an audio note), and/or the first little bit of text. This is why we love the Metro … er, Modern design!

New in this release: – New tile layout design for note list – Redesigned login and registration screens – New popup tips help users discover the app – More spacious note editing mode – Numerous performance improvements including faster startup – Evernote turns your phone into an extension of your brain.

  • This award-winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life.
  • From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put everything into Evernote and watch as it all instantly synchronizes from your phone to the Web to your PC.
  • New to Windows Phone 7.5 are better social integration, search integration, background synchronization, and pinning of notes, notebooks, tags, searches, maps, and “new note” shortcuts audio, text and photo).
  • You can now also pin template tiles, so that with one click you can create a new note with a title, tags, notebook and content that you want.
  • We offer text templates that open up new note in the editor, photo templates that start the camera for you, and audio templates that start recording automatically.


Source: Evernote blog