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Exoskeletonize Your iPhone and Avoid #Bendgate

I am sure you have all heard about the iPhone 6 Plus bending. It even earned it’s own hash tag and “viral” status. Add to that the paint wearing off and fruit phone haters everywhere have plenty of fodder for mocking Apple. I have plenty of frequent traveler and abusive friends who are using the iPhone without any issues but if you are concerned, than you might want to Exoskeletonize that bad boy iPhone you just got.

“A beehive honeycomb is designed to be light, efficient but strong. These design elements are incorporated into the exoskeleton, providing a light , strong and ergonomic protection for your valuable phone.” – Robin Hartley

  • Single piece construction.
  • Full-frame aluminum machined body
  • It will increase overall phone dimensions by less than a thickness of a penny.
  • Includes foam pads for shock resistance
  • Unique slot design for easy removal
  • Bottom is open for easy access

It looks pretty trick but cell phone signal reception is the first thing that springs to my mind ensconcing the iPhone in metal like that. I would have also liked to see a rear facing picture with a device in the case but the PR I got didn’t include it. Pretty trick looking, not real sure of the overall shock resistance this case would have, but it looks bad ass for sure.

Exoskeleton is being offered exclusively on Kickstarter. Early birds will be able to pre-order it for $55.