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Preorders for iPhone 5C Cases Have Started

Everyone knows that the next iPhone is due to be released and from what everyone is saying it will be an incremental update form the iPhone 5 to an iPhone 5S. A bigger screen, nicer camera, and iOS 7 are among the rumors analysts are speculating on. Another rumor and what I think is the most interesting is the coinciding release of the iPhone 5C with the iPhone 5S. So what is this iPhone 5C you ask? In short, it’s a plastic, not aluminum bodied version of the iPhone 5 that Apple intends to sell for less money than the flagship 5S. Plastic? Yuck right? Well hold up, Mr. Plastic Hater! (Cue up images of the Samsung Galaxy devices.) These new plastic iPhones will have some cool colors sort of the like the Windows Phone from Nokia.  Check out this video of the back housing that was allegedly leaked:

Pretty cool right? This leaves the current iPhones in a bit of questionable state. First what happens to the iPhone 4 and 4S? And more importantly what will happen to the iPhone 5? Supposing that the iPhone 5S,  the flagship device of unparalleled build quality and sophistication launches with a bigger screen and sells for a subsidized rate of $199.99 like all other iPhone new releases prior, where does this leave the rest of the iPhones? Will the iPhone 5C sell for $99.99? I can’t imagine anyone paying $149.99 and not ponying up another $50 for the flagship device. So does the iPhone 5C sell for $99.99 and the iPhone 5 sell for $49.99? Is this the end of the 4 and 4S? or will the 4S, which still makes decent use of iOS 7 hang on to life as the free version like the iPhone 4 is today. That sort of makes sense to rationalize the screen sizes together. It is also being said that Apple may just EOL the 4 and 4S and go with the 5’s for their holiday season. This to me seems the most unlikely, and if true, actually the funniest scenario. Remember all the talk about how great and wonderful the 3.5 inch screen was by Steve Jobs? How well it fit and worked with one handed operation? How critical he was of HTC, Samsung, and others for going larger screens and putting pressure on Apple to manufacture a large screen device? The large screen device happened of sorts with the iPhone 5, but could Apple be ready to scrap the perfect Jobs phone?

Apple seems to be making ready for announcement that could come on September 10th which might make for an October launch. We will have to see what they decide to do when they decide to tell us as is always the case. But for now, there are case manufacturers already taking preorders for the iPhone 5C cases like this one from This ITSKINS Zero 3 lightweight is available for presale, because they know it’s going to happen right? Well if it does, when it does, this looks like a pretty nice case for the minimalist crowd. $22.99  plus some freight ain’t bad either. Check em’ out and preorder if you think the 5C is destined to be true.

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