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Facebook Debuts Video for Instagram

facebookjune2013-0029Mark Zuckerberg kicks off event talking about Facebook’s mission and the different kinds of content people like to share. Today they have chosen to focus on Instagram. The Instagram team is 3x what it was when Facebook bought them last year.

Instagram does not add any new value to Facebook. That is the big takeaway from today’s event.

16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. Over a billion “likes” every day. 130 million people use Instagram every month.

At the time, Instagram was born from Bourbon, but with images only because they could execute it simply and elegantly. Video wasn’t a viable option.

Where is Instagram Going?

Video On Instagram Introduced.

  • Simplicity really matters in the product.
  • Beauty
  • Community. Size matters.


  • 15 second videos. Built clip by clip (Up to 15 sec total)
  • 13 brand new filters for video only
  • Can choose a cover frame for your clip for people to see in preview.
  • Plays once, it doesn’t keep looping.

Update coming to iPhone and Android at the same time.


Cinema-cinematic stabilization for videos.