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Facebook, Nokia and AT&T Top the Most Hated Companies List

Not a great list to be a part of but 24/7 Wall Street put together a list of the most hated companies and Nokia, Facebook, AT&T and  Netflix all made the top 10. To be clear, this isn’t just consumer ratings but it also can include investment decisions that tie into it but let’s go one by one. Facebook received it’s #1 most hated spot because of it’s lack of privacy and continual changes to the site and has seen low consumer satisfaction ratings across the board. It only surprises me to be #1 on the list with also the most reach.

Next up is AT&T at #3 who is well despised. They note:

AT&T (NYSE: T) recently received the lowest score given by JD Power for wireless customer care performance. It also was given the lowest rating for customer service by ACSI. AT&T has been dogged by problems with its 3G network, which are now largely behind it. AT&T was attacked by both the government and press for what many saw as an attempt to set up a monopoly through its buyout of T-Mobile. Consumers feared the combined company would have extraordinary powers to set prices. The wireless carrier also received the lowest satisfaction rating for cell-phone standard service providers, according to Consumer Reports. The MSN Money-IBOPE Zogby International customer service survey reports that 26% of customers rate service as “poor.”
Yeah I’m not going to defend them. What shocked me the most is Nokia at #4. This is a mix of consumer and investment factors:

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has punished its shareholders as its percentage of the smartphone market has dropped quarter after quarter — its stock is down 50% in the last year. Nokia likely will lose its lead as the top handset company in the world to Samsung sometime this year. Nokia was tied for lowest overall satisfaction in JD Power’s 2011 Wireless Traditional Mobile Phone Satisfaction Study. It also has received the lowest ACSI score for wireless telephones. According to Interbrand, Nokia’s brand value has dropped 15% from last year. Nokia has tried to salvage its prospects through an agreement with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), whose Windows OS will be used in Nokia smartphones. Despite rave reviews for the new Windows Mobile, a partnership with the weakest mobile OS maker only makes Nokia’s fortunes worse.
All I hear is praise for Nokia’s handsets but that JD Power satisfaction survey doesn’t sound so pleasant.

What do you guys think? Are these the right companies?