Facebook’s Chat Heads Comes To iOS, But Not Really

Surprisingly quickly after the release of Facebook’s latest master piece, Facebook Home, the iOS (iPhone and iPad) receives an update featuring the super popular Chat Heads. Chat Head’s are pretty much floating icons off to the side of your screen waiting for your Facebook Chat goodness. Most with early access to Facebook Home have actually opted out of the experience, but kept the Chat Heads. They are a none intrusive way to keep your notifications up front and center.

In iOS world, no luck on the same freedom. Because of iOS sandbox nature, Chat Heads can only exist when you’re in the Facebook App itself, needless to say, it really defeats the purpose of the really nice thought out implementation. Thus, making it useless! So while you may have thought you had a celebration on its way, the Android army enjoys this candy on its own. Check out The Verge’s early video coverage of the app.