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iPhone 5 to come with HSPA+ 4G Speed

We are coming down to the last days and hours before Apple will take the wraps off the iPhone 5 and possibly if all rumors turn out true, a lower cost pointed iPhone 4S. For some of us, the screen size and getting our hands on iOS 5 is the big draw to the iPhone 5. Yeah, the death grip is an issue and the dropped calls. My iPhone residing in an OtterBox Defender does not drop calls, but if you are a device nudist then perhaps that is a big deal to you.

Another question is whether the iPhone 5 will have 4G or not. Well, according to a China Unicom executive the answer is yes, we will be getting some 4G HSPA+ love in the iPhone 5 but not any LTE. Sorry Verizon peeps. PCMag mobile analyst Sascha Segan is saying that he suspects the reason for Apple’s laying low on the LTE front is because of the bulky LTE Chips and how it would create some form factor changes to the iPhone that Apple apparently is not willing to make. So until the LTE chips get smaller don’t look for LTE news next week coming from Apple new front man Tim Cook.