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Faith in Tim Cook

I set some time aside this past weekend to watch Tim Cook at D11 to really understand what he was saying. Sure, the articles were flying left, right and center right after the show on tidbits he said, but as I suspected, the message with much of what Tim Cook had to say was lost.

It was interesting to hear him address the Apple stock, not as it currently is, but as it always has been. He brought up the point of how Apple’s stock has always been up and down, they’ve seen better day and worse days. More importantly, he was very clear on not letting the stock get in the way or some how depict the way Apple makes products.

He addressed the interest in “TV,” as it has been a hot topic in the rumor world for a long time. Although he didn’t give details, he did manage to steak to their interest and the work they’re doing around the topic. He addressed wearable technology, mainly the Google Glass. He made some very good point as to why people are doing today and what kind of device would make sense out the gate, yes, he mentioned watches.

He went into detail Apple’s current run in with the government on tax evasion, he managed to offer some great insight on how things are vs. how they should be. He mentioned iOS 7 and the redesign that will be coming down the pipeline.

Overall, Tim Cook’s message was as clear as day to me. Here is a company that controls hardware, software and services to make magic. They didn’t loose it, that ability didn’t disappear with the emergence of samsung and it is still their focus. If I were to be an Apple fan, there is plenty to be frustrated about, but they’ve still got it, and I’d be excited to see what is coming in the next few months.

The interview was a very refreshing thing to watch, I recommend you all give it a go when you’ve got some down time.