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Indigo-The Personal Assistant For Windows Phone Now Available

Finally! I spent 24 hours searching the Windows Phone Store for Indigo-the cross-platform personal assistant app-hoping to bring the news of its availability to the masses. If you’re not familiar with Indigo you can check out the video below that explains it quite well. Its like Siri for iOS except its all grown up and gets social. Indigo brilliantly delivered their app for both Android and Windows Phone on the same day, yesterday. The only misfire was that the app took a day longer to be published in the Windows Phone Store so it just became available. Still, the intent and plan was evident that they wanted both platform users to discover and fuel the growth of the app and I applaud their vision.

The big thing that separates Indigo from other personal assistants is that it allows users to continue conversations across devices. So if you pull up directions on your computer or Windows Phone you can continue the conversation on your Android tablet and all you’d have to do is ask Indigo to “take me there”. Indigo will reference your earlier conversation on previous devices and bring up the directions.

Video: WPCentral

Source: Indigo