Biggest Smartphone Myth:

The biggest myth ever spread in the modern mobile tech era is that Android is for those who prefer to customize their phones. Seeing reviewers perpetuate this myth is tiresome at best, indicates incompetence at worst. It is almost like tech reviewers studied up on some “smartphone for dummies” cliff notes.

Tech Fanbois Take A Seat

Watching how Windows Phone fans fawned over Android hardware and the lack of chance to get their hands on the latest and greatest would make any sane person think the rumored arrival of the much hyped HTC One (M8) on Windows Phone would set off a chorus of cheers. Instead rabid Nokia fanbois are tossing mud at the phone and focusing on the camera’s perceived shortcomings. Fanbois need to sit down go open up a coke and have a smile because it is halfway through 2014 and nobody gives two craps about your love fest for Nokia. I get it, I’m a current Nokia user after having left HTC exactly for the reasons people cite-after purchase support. Yes HTC has a history of not supporting devices after launch which is really their achilles heel. The thing is that after clamoring for more options being so brow beaten from past experiences that you’re scared to venture outside the friendly comforts of Lumia devices fanbois will set off a chain of events that will end with all other OEMs (cough LG, Samsung) continue to provide Windows Phone enthusiasts gimped versions and not care too bits. Real world usage shows clearly people are more likely to take horrible selfies on social media then care one bit about having quality lasting photos that you can edit to their hearts content.  Never underestimate the simplicity of the Jane and Joe Public.

Agree/Disagree with what I have to say? That’s your right just don’t hold our peace. I’m all about open discussion. Drop a comment and see where each stands.


  1. For me, it’s how the hardware works with the OS, then the hardware itself. I liked the Surround, but it had some issues. LG and Samsung are just cheap plastic to me – I don’t like the feel of them. I love the Lumias’ feel, the solid design, and have yet to have hardware issues (although my photo button is starting to go squirrely).
    I’ll judge each device as I get hand-time with them.

    • I too had the Surround. Had the Titan too. I rocked the Titan until the Lumia 1020 came out and never looked back. It was the way they put energy into signature apps not just yeah me too type of apps. HTC would always launch a phone and then not market it at all. That includes Android phones too. I’m thinking hard about getting the HTC One W8 day 1 as it will have the latest hardware and I made it a point to go and get some hands on time with the Android version. Microsoft hasn’t given any hints to a flagship release for the remainder of the year so I won’t wait based on a hope and prayer. I’ll gladly pick up a used 1520 or Icon off Craigslist to compliment the HTC model.

  2. HTC has never had problem with hardware. Always a solid device. Software is where they faltered. Drivers, unique functions (that never worked right) or incompatibilities with OS updates because of some of that exclusive stuff. I would need to be convinced that’s behind them before dipping my toe in the HTC water again. So far I’m not. It might not hurt them trying to hire some of the laid off Nokia employees.

  3. Device longevity has been hit or miss for me.
    None of our 6+ Sony devices are alive anymore.
    1 of 2 HTC devices no longer work.
    My Dell Streak still runs, but it is soo outdated, it is almost useless. No support or marketing for that device.
    I have several old Nokia devices. All of them work, but are too old to be useful.
    My Nokia Lumia 1520 just got replaced on warranty. The camera stopped working, and the display flaked out.
    I am a Windows Phone user for the device, and Internet Explorer, I appreciate Android for it’s “Customization” I also have a Nexus5, and can see that the 2 OS are nearly identical in Functionality and look.

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