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FAVI Boomerang Turns Your Tablet or Phone into a Mini Home Theater

Here’s something neat that I wouldn’t mind trying out, it’s actually two of them, a smaller one for phones and a larger one for tablets. It’s called the Favi Boomerang and it’s a crescent shaped Bluetooth speaker that has NFC built-in as well. Yes I guess you could call it a dock, but the idea is that it puts two much larger speakers on either side of your device for better and louder sound. The smaller version has two four watt speakers while the larger version has two six watt speaker in it and both features integrated bass boosting. You’ll be able to get it in white, black, red, yellow, purple or even pink come mid-December with an MSRP of $59.99 for the small one and $79.99 for the larger one.



Today, FAVI Entertainment brings its experience in home theater to the mobile accessory market, announcing a crescent-shaped NFC-enabled speaker that rests on the outside edges of your mobile device allowing you to create a mini home-theater experience anywhere, anytime.
The Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock uses the latest version of Bluetooth + NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This allows users to easily tap their Bluetooth enabled device to the Boomerang to pair with it. The Boomerang’s unique shape makes it convenient to carry, fitting comfortable around a user’s neck while not in use.
Other key features include:
•    NFC Technology allows you to pair your device with a quick tap, operating up to 33 feet away
•    Expansion Sleeve Design allows you to easily adjust the viewing angle and accommodate for various sizes
•    Built-in Speakerphone allows you to listen, talk and answer phone calls via the speaker
•    2 x 6W Stereo Sound in the Boomerang from integrated bass boosts
•    2 x 4W Stereo Sound in the Boomerang Mini from integrated bass boosts
•    10 Hours of Battery Life from its built-in lithium ion battery
•    Colorful Options available in white, black, red, yellow, purple and pink
The Boomerang will be available for $79.99 and the Boomerang Mini will be available for $59.99 beginning in mid-December. For more information, watch the Boomerang YouTube video or visit our website at