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Yahoo Acquiring BrightRoll Video Advertising Platform

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is at it again and this time spending $640 million in cash on BrightRoll which is a video advertising platform. The move will “combine Yahoo’s desktop and mobile video advertising inventory with BrightRoll’s platform and publisher relationships” and is expected to enhance BrightRoll’s profitability and net revenue of $100 million annually. Marissa Mayer and the BrightRoll acquisition announcement said:

“Here at Yahoo, video is one of the largest growth opportunities, and BrightRoll is a terrific, strategic and financially compelling fit for our video advertising business,”

“This acquisition will accelerate the growth of both companies — we can help BrightRoll scale to even more advertisers globally and they can bring their tremendous platform offering to Yahoo’s advertisers.”

“As with every acquisition, we have been extremely thoughtful about our approach to the video advertising space.”

The deal is set to close at the beginning of 2015.