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Featured app: MagikMail (visual voicemail)

Ymagikmailoumail is a full featured voicemail replacement service. They offer notifications via email text or the now available MagikMail. I’ve been using Youmail for years, and I am over whelmed with joy to see a Windows Phone client available so quickly. The service itself is free, but the app is priced at $2.99. The app works just as well as the official Youmail apps available on other smartphone platforms. It is well worth the price! Give it a go!

App Details



Client Type:
WinMobile 7.0

Package Size:
0.372 MB

Install Size:
0.586 MB




YouMail voicemail client MagikMail is a YouMail visual voicemail client for Windows Phone. Why don’t voicemails behave like email? With MagikMail and YouMail you can now access your voicemails just like you do your emails, listen to your voicemails in any order you want. Flag important messages to be processed at a better time. Get a transcription of a message when you can’t listen to it. MagikMail puts all your voicemails at your fingertip with the familiar mail interface that you’re used to. You can reply to a caller by calling them back with the touch of a finger, by SMS and you can even forward a voicemail to anyone by email.