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Final Version of Facebook for Windows Mobile Coming Soon

Seems like the final version of the Windows Mobile Facebook application is right around the corner. There are earlier versions of the application floating around on the internet but there were some bugs with wall updates and other updates not being current. Hopefully these problems are solved in the final release. We don’t have the exact date on the release but we do have a list of the features that it will be in the app:

  • Profile – View your profile, update status, write on wall, add photos and videos, and send messages
  • News feeds –  Compose, view, reply and delete items
  • Status updates – View, update and change picture
  • Photos and videos – Upload and view pictures, people tag, geo tag, auto upload to Facebook, read photo details, and make comments. The application will be the only version on the market offering the ability to upload video right from the phone.
  • Wall – Post and delete items
  • Friends profile – Invite, comment on status, view full profile, and email, SMS or call from profile
  • Email – View, send and reply
  • Notifications – View, poke and accept notifications
  • Requests – Confirm friend requests and invites
    Also the app will be available as a free download when it is released. Stay tuned and we will try to bring the app to you as soon as we know it has been released. Thanks to Gabriela for the tip.
    [via WindowsMobileTraining]
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