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Find Chocolate! Mobile App Comes to iOS and Android

I love good chocolate, that’s one of my vices. Chocolate is soooo good, and good chocolate is hard to find. There’s a few boutique types chocolate stores here in Pittsburgh that I like to pop into every once in a while for my ‘fix’. My chocolate has to be plain though, not nuts in it please. I like peanuts, just not in my chocolate.  Anyway, there’s a new app for both Android and iOS that’s aptly named Find Chocolate! and that’s what it does, it helps you find a chocolate store near you or anywhere in the world! 

Here’s screenshots for both Android and iOS for you:

"Say you’re in Beijing exploring the Chaoyang District and you’re suddenly struck with a desperate desire for good chocolate. What to do? If you’ve installed the new FIND CHOCOLATE! App on your phone or tablet, you’ll quickly see you’re only steps from La Place Collection, a shop offering some of the best chocolates in the city." explains and Ecole Chocolat founder Pam Williams.

No matter where in the world when a chocolate craving strikes, the “food of the gods” is only a click away with the new FIND CHOCOLATE! App for Android, iPhone and iPad. The free download immediately allows mobile users to find chocolate shops within 25 miles of their location. Users can also rate and review their chocolate shop experience, take photos of favorite bonbons and upload the images to the shop’s listing.

The FIND CHOCOLATE! App connects mobile users with‘s chocolate-shop directory database of more than 2,200 shops all over the world.  The App was created by Ecole Chocolat, a professional chocolatier school that draws students from all over the world. If there’s a shop worth noting that’s not yet in’s database users can add it on the spot in the FIND CHOCOLATE! App.

According to recent surveys done by L.E.K. Consulting Mobile Commerce, some two-thirds of smart phone or tablet owners have used their devices to make purchases and more than 80 per cent have used them to assist in purchasing decisions through product research at least once during the past year.

And according to Nielsen Smartphone Analytic, nearly 92 million consumers are now using mobile Internet connections, with the average Android consumer in the U.S spending 56 minutes a day using the web and Apps on their phone.

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