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Hot Damn, Microsoft!

Folks are estimating Microsoft will rake in a cool $3.4 billion this year on Android licensing deals. Wow. That’s 20% of the company’s 2012 income. Others guestimate they’ll be making upwards of nine billion a year from their Android-related operations by 2017 which is over half their 2012 take.

A critic might note the irony of all this near-priceless intellectual property behind phone design contrasting with Microsoft’s flaccid inability to compete with phones of their own, but I’d prefer to offer my compliments to their legal team. They devised a system that makes a ton of scratch change hands perpetually and at an accelerating rate, a lot of which (most of which?) comes from foreign pockets. That’s great for Microsoft shareholders (like me), it’s probably helpful to Nokia, it’s good for the GDP, for the country and, unless this is all a zero sum game with nothing of actual utility contributed anywhere, the world too.

High five, Horacio Gutierrez, and however many others are at your side fighting the good fight. Bravo!