@fellow writers u may now pist articles from ur phones thru email!!1 try to keep them short and twitterish kthx smh


  1. So we’ve got two glitches for me to think about, emailed posts will be attributed to the admin user which is Smith, he probably won’t want that and you probably don’t. Hmm.

    Working on image alignment, needs some polish obviously..

    • Well you didn’t say php but do you think you might be able to get this rig (postie) to somehow, based on email addresses on user profiles in WordPress, post posts under the right usernames? Seems like if that were easy the guy behind this plugin would have figured it out many versions ago, so it may be that WordPress is dependent in this case on using the administrator account.

      As for javascript, css and jquery, after someone fires up a test post, hopefully with an image, if you think you can make it prettier (maybe it looks better somewhat crude?) in the template the thing uses, do tell, though it may be good to go. As for the rest of the site, I think if you know those things you mentioned, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to spot deficiencies elsewhere in the site that could use a facelift.

      That said, our primary mission right now though is to crank up the volume of original content including posts and comments, engagement, by means of out-of-the-box site design improvements and ass patting. This is too crazy, but for example, under each article on the main index, have it show a few comments and a tiny comment box. For example. People don’t like clicking.

  2. Okay I got the image alignment fixed if anyone wants to try it. Murani, how about it? From your windows phone with an image, give it a go.

    Regarding Smith’s account, Smith, it has to post as the primary administrator account to which your own account is currently set. If we create an account like “emailed” or “someone” perhaps, designate it as the primary admin account, tell this system to use it, it wouldn’t screw up your own account’s post associations with everything you’ve written and you’d still, like me, have admin abilities.

    Or we can just leave it the way it is, whatever, people sign their email like I do. But as for getting it to post under the appropriate user accounts based on which email address sent the post, if that’s doable I’ll try to figure it out but right now it doesn’t feel doable.

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