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First Responder Software

wiser Fsubartender of PPCGeeks posted a link to two nice pieces of software for those of you who are EMS/first responders and he notes that even non-first responders may find this software useful to have available if needed. The first is WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) which goes through a list of substances and provides vital information about each.It contains chemical, biological and radiological substances. It even helps you to identify an unknown substance. It’s a little slow to load but that’s probably because of the large database.

erg The next app is the 2008 ERG (Emergency Response Guide) which provides information about hazmats .You can even match up the symbols on the side of trucks and figure out how bad it would be if anything spilled (important if you’re thinking of passing;)). It provides a ton of information for each substance noted.

Both applications are PC installers so download them to your PC and run the app with your phones connected over ActiveSync. They will try to install .Net 2 to your phone so just hit ‘cancel’ (I presume you all have at least 2 by now) and it will install the application right afterwards.

Good to know that these toys can actually be helpful:)