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Five Reasons Why Microsoft Unveiled Microsoft Surface Now



1. Apple just showed off iOS6 at an event where they were largely expected to show off innovations like iTV and, generally speaking, failed to release anything of major substance, leaving the media open for a hot new device.
2. Following E3, Microsoft surprisingly had a strong showing and in many respects the release of their Xbox SmartGlass concept was the top story of the event getting strong media attention and stealing the thunder from WiiU, which now has to be justified next to ten year old hardware.
3. Android gets the stage next week and there’s a strong chance that a Google Nexus tablet and a Kindle Fire 2 are prepped for media release. Microsoft has now forced the media to compare any tablet to the Surface, so consumers have to debate a $500 Xoom running Android to a similarly priced Windows tablet that is more productive. Similarly in the $200 market it makes consumers consider the value of these products when a real tablet with more productivity is available, albeit at a higher price point, but it is a flagship device with a full OS and full support.
4. On Wednesday, Microsoft will release details on Windows Phone 8 and will again get a lot of media attention. By releasing the Surface late Monday, it’s a story with legs through Tuesday and they get the focus again on Wednesday. This becomes a week where Microsoft controls the tech headlines for a week. That’s something Microsoft hasn’t been able to do in years and in fact few companies can imagine pulling off. This is setting the stage for the RTM of Windows 8 so expect the Microsoft story to stay above the fold as Windows 8 and Metro become familiar to the masses.
5. This is a new time at Microsoft as they wisely took a cue from the addage location, location, location. Having the event at the beginning of the week, in the evening, in L.A., gave the event the spark it needed. Because the event was so late in the afternoon on the Pacific, many press who weren’t originally scheduled to attend the Windows Phone Summit could now justify to the powers that be to make the trip up to San Francisco and cover the event in person. The more the merrier, as Microsoft is looking to have a couple of great surprises in store for those in attendance.

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