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Nokia releases Vampire Rush Xbox Live title for Windows Phones

Nokia is at it again releasing new Xbox Live titles. This one is called Vampire Rush which is $3 (here’s the link: They describe as follows: Nobody likes vampires, everyone likes heroes! Slay werewolves, vampire bloodsuckers, and all of their minions, while upgrading your skills and building defensive towers. UNDEAD MAYHEM Vampire Rush is an explosive combination of tower defense and survival action genres. Improve your sword combat skills, gain special abilities, and don’t forget to place your towers wisely to survive the countless Vampire hordes! MAN THE DEFENSES Vampire Rush features four tower types, and each one can be uniquely upgraded. You will need to place them wisely if you want to survive. MAD SKILLS Eight upgradable skills, including special abilities like Fire Powder, Freeze Reagent, and more to help defeat a ton of enemies ranging from Vampire Minions to terrifying Dark Lords and Werewolves.