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Five Ways Smartphones Embody Indepedence Day


#1 Getting Things That Matter Done, Wherever I Am

Having a smartphone that can act as my official note taker is worth its weight in gold (or any other valuable metal of your choosing). So which app do I use to keep track of all the important ideas and lists that helps me get things done whether I’m at home, on the road or at work? OneNote! It was always a pretty good service to use but over the course of the last year Microsoft has made OneNote an indispensable tool for both business and personal use. The best part is that it keeps getting better and better. The fact that it integrates with my Microsoft backend is an underrated aspect of its brilliance.

#2 My Music Wherever I Go

Ever have those moments where you’re in a killer flow, favorite music keeping the mood going and now it is time to run an errand or there is an important meeting to get to? Living in a larger city like Dallas means you’re going to drive in heavy traffic and spend more than a passing minute wondering if patience really is a virtue. Being able to have access to my music catalogue and utilize Bluetooth to connect to my car audio system means never having to hope the radio doesn’t blow chunks during my drive. Now I often arrive at my meeting or spend my time getting creative. My kids want to listen to their favorite tune? No problem, I just load up a pre-arranged selection of Kidz Bop songs that they love so much.

#3 Creating Awesomeness On The Spot

I’ve never been one to join the selfie brigade. What I will do is take pictures and videos of awesome moments while I’m out and about doing life-whatever that may means. I love my Adobe Creative Suite of tools at my disposal. Pay good money to access them monthly. What has happened now is that photo and video editing tools have become “good enough” to get a lil’ funky while on the go. Throwing a quick intro, funny captions and sharing these life defining moments in a few minutes from wherever I am has allowed me to share with my family, friends and social network more stuff than ever before.

#4 Health And Fitness For The Win

Gone are the days where I have to keep a handwritten journal on my struggle to get and stay in shape. Having apps that can monitor and record my calorie intake and tell me just how bad the food I am anxious to swallow whole is nice. Having dynamic workout plans that tell me when its time to put in the work does the job of my personal trainer when they aren’t there to give me a swift kick in the butt. The coming flood of health focused wearables is sure to keep me motivated. That’s the plan anyway.

#5 Earth to Echo

When I was little my aunt made it a point to take all the kids on road trips to amusement parks and resorts at least once a year. Back then hitting the highway without a map was unthinkable. Gas stations even made sure to have a stand set up right by the counter full of all types of local, state and national maps. Now I can use my phone, which learns where I like to go, the preferred route to avoid all these insane tolls in my area and can even tell me how much the trip is going to cost me in gas. Truly one situation where the good ole’ days just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So there you have it gals and gents. You now know five ways smartphones embody independence day to me. What about you? How has your smartphone made you more independent? I’m anxious to hear what you got to share so drop a comment below.