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The Big Question Game: Tablet Edition

Now that it’s been a month since all the great June tech conventions have concluded, the dust has begun to settle on the tablet picture.  Well it has for the major players at least.  Enough of the intro, let’s play the game!



Google: Nexus 7 


– Is 7″ the sweet spot for all tablets?  Just Android tablets?
– Will the lack of tablet specific apps on Android cripple the overall experience?
– does Android tablets need to be on premium hardware in order to overtake iPad?
– What is the most compelling reason to buy this tablet over everything else on the market?

Quirky thing:

The Nexus 7 is the only Nexus device that doesn’t support SD cards.

The Big Question:

– Can Nexus class devices fend off Microsoft’s charge and remain the only viable alternative to the iPad?


Apple:  The new iPad


– How long will there continue to be feature different iPads due to carrier BS?  (Get with the mobile hotspot plans already AT&T)

– When will the front facing camera have higher than VGA resolution?

– Will Apple continue to find great ways to use the increased screen size over the iPhone?  (Landscape home screens, the mail app, being able to dock more apps etc).

– If the Surface or the Nexus 7 is successful, what if anything is the first thing to change/upgrade?

– Will NFC be a part of the next new iPad?

Quirky thing:

Without knowing for sure on the Surface, the iPad seems to be the only major tablet that’s not able to Bluetooth pair with it’s phone counterpart.

The Big Question:

In the face of increasing competition from some of Apple’s greatest foes, what lies beyond for the market leader with respect to innovation?


Microsoft: Surface RT; Surface Pro


– Complete Specs?

– Given the type of OS that Windows 8/RT is – The sweet spot for apps: is it between PC’s & Tablets or between Phones and Tablets?

– Why no plug-ins for Metro browsers?

– If the Metro app quality is porous, will that end up killing the Surface RT?

Quirky thing:

The port inconsistency between the RT and the Pro versions.  With so much thought put in to make the device smart and sleek, it seems silly that you need a dongle in order to attach an HDMI cable on the more expensive version.  Even if they are $1. 71 on Amazon.

The Big Question:

If Microsoft prices the Surface RT with the Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire and the 16 GB Nexus 7 tablet at $250 AND the Surface Pro at the 64 GB iPad WiFi-only price for $699, would that be enough to disrupt the tablet market?

Feel free to leave your answers (or additional questions) in the comments below!