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Do people use smartphones to do dumb things?

We have argued about how many apps there are for each platform and how dumb a lot of them are. The more apps a platform has, the better it seems to thing it appears in consumers eyes. For example, it didn’t take long for a brand new platform, Windows Phone to get a Fart App, and now you can do just about anything with your device regarding flatulence. In some really geeky circles there is contests of how many apps you can have that do some very random and dumb things. Like take the latest GEICO commercial for instance. Perfectly illustrating office boredom and hijinks by three workers who have just wrapped up the week and are ready to bust for a weekend of fun and partying! So how do they announce their enthusiasm?

Yeah, you probably already guessed it:

All in all, great commercial from the GEICO marketing department which was both appalling and hilarious at the same time. Perhaps this commercial hits a little closer to home than I would like to admit, I just found it odd that the copy machine lady at the end of the commercial had the same look on her face that my wife has when I use my cell phone at parties.