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Flash To WP7? We Reminisce

We’ve known that Flash was coming to WP7 but what we heard today from WMExperts is that both Flash (in web) and AIR (non-browser flash) will be coming to WP7 months after WP7 is launched – in fact within 6 months or less.  Good news that it’s coming – bad news it takes so long:) Quick note that AIR is not in Silverlight – thus not managed code…thus native code…thus an exception to the WP7 rule that native code is prohibited. That means some developers can have native code access…good. Moving on, this whole thing reminds me of an old video…oh right…it was October 6, 2009 when Windows Mobile was shown a beta of Flash in browser and they say a beta is coming soon…by the end of the year…still waiting.  Take a look:

Let’s see if the waiting game continues with WP7…

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