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Flying PuPu Comes From iPhone and Android to Windows Phones

Not sure I can do much more to the title…but when you name a game Flying PuPu it is what it is. And if it weren’t a popular and actually neat title I wouldn’t be here. Here’s the description of it:

Lily’s garden was trashed again!! Fly through the air with heroic PuPu across challenging obstacles and defeat the mischievous inhabitants of Bird Mountain.Draw lines of clouds to bounce and maneuver PuPu through the defenses of each level.

● Tired of playing alone?? Have a different experience in 2-player mode where you can challenge your friends to a battle of wits and reflexes.

● Amusing character designs with own distinctive comical reactions.

● Exciting and stimulating game play where your exigent limits is the only way to survive.

● Fun level designs with unique items to power up PuPu against different lines of defense.

Let’s just get to the video so you can see Flying PuPu in action:

I like it but there’s no trial mode. With that said, it’s only $.99 so if you give it a go share with the group.