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Former Rovio Angry Birds Developers Launch Noble Nutlings iOS Game

Yeah I’m not sure about the whole Nutlings name, but hey whatever, I’ve heard of stranger. Anyway, the game is called Noble Nutlings and it’s from the former Angry Birds developers and it’s our now for iOS and best of all it’s free. I’ve got a bunch of screenshots for you to check out the game, and why not grab it as it is free, so there’s nothing to lose giving it a try, it does look like a fun little game..



Boomlagoon – an indie game development studio founded by three ex-Rovio veterans involved with the studio’s smash hit Angry Birdstitle – today launched Noble Nutlings, their debut mobile video game for iOS devices. Featuring a trio of pudgy cartoon squirrels, the game challenges players to pilot a rickety cart across hilly landscapes as fast as possible. Free to download, Noble Nutlingslets players upgrade their vehicle with thousands of combinations, collecting acorns and hurtling towards the finish line with the hot-pepper-boost. The game features dozens of levels and casual racing action, enjoyable at all skill levels. Download Noble Nutlingstoday via the iTunes App Store.

Watch the trailer

Noble Nutlings is the game I’ve wanted to make for years,” said Tuomas Erikoinen, co-founder and lead designer at Boomlagoon. “Behind the lighthearted style is a challenging racing title that should keep players coming back for ‘just one more level.’”
Funding for Boomlagoon has been provided by investor Jari Ovaskainen and seasoned games investment firm London Venture Partners.
Game Details
The Nutlings are busting loose! Sydney (blue) is the leader of the crew, determined to keep his buddies focused on the finish. Abe (red) is a cranky backseat driver, but his hidden genius makes him an expert in vehicle mods. Lemmy (yellow) is a loony prankster who’s also the resident speed freak.
Casual players will enjoy boosting, flipping and crashing over the finish line as the Nutlings go flying. Wrecking the cart merely costs time, so there’s no way to truly fail a level. For those seeking a greater challenge, the three-star finish times require some serious racing prowess. Trick out the vehicle, discover secret routes, boost with precision, jump over gaps, and above all else… keep the wheels facing the ground!
Noble Nutlings features:

  • Physics-Based Awesomeness: Boost, skid, dynamite and crash your way across the finish line.
  • Build Your Dream Cart with 1000’s of Combinations: Put watermelon wheels on a clown car or stick bowling balls on a bathtub.
  • Beat Friends’ Scores and Brag Online: Link up via Facebook to see who’s the fastest.
  • Beat all 36 levels with Three Stars (if you can): Plenty of challenge for seasoned racing vets.
  • Easy to Control: Use your choice of tilting or buttons… wheels down, squirrels up!
  • Use the Chili Boost for Ultimate Speed: Time it right to shave off precious seconds.
  • Spin the Slot Machine to Win Awesome Prizes: Tricks earn tokens for spins on the wheel.
  • Use Facebook to sync progress between devices: No need to start from scratch.
  • …and best of all it’s FREE TO PLAY!

Noble Nutlings is out now. Download the free universal app today via the iTunes App Store.