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Foundbite Arrives On Windows Phone In Time For Halloween Treat

The Short of it: Foundbite is an app that combines the ability to take photos while also capturing audio that is taking place at the same time. I’ve been lucky enough to take part in the beta and have enjoyed the app a lot.

The most recent use case for Foundbite for me was when my daughter was invited to a birthday party. I was able to take pictures of the cake candles being blown out while capturing the audio of everyone singing happy birthday. It’ is at times like this that you realize how awesome Foundbite is. So many good photo apps are now available on multiple platforms but Foundbite stands out above the rest in that it can capture the mood of the moment.

  • Lense Support
  • Geotagging Support
  • Ability to view nearby Foundbites

My two daughters saw me using the app and immediately wanted to create their own memory. A half hour later and my camera roll is filled Foundbites that my kids love to look at over and over again.

Foundbite is available in the Windows Phone Store here and is truly a best-in-class app that deserves all the recognition and praise it is sure to receive. The developer James Mundy has shown that he is willing to do the maintenance and update the app at a good pace.

I highly recommend this app for anyone who will ever want to capture a moment and relive it.

Windows Phone 8 only