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Fragmentation on the Android Platform @ t-break

Here’s another form the news box for you. T-Break has posted an article or maybe I should call it an editorial from fragmentation on Android that makes some very good points. The main one I agree with is that companies get the new updates and then sit on them for months not giving them to their users. ICS has been out for a while now and we’re finally seeing them hit handsets. These phone and tablet makers have known about and I’m sure they’ve had the code for it for a long time but yet, for whatever reason, they don’t give it to us. Not mentioned in the article, but I think a major part of the problem is the carriers themselves really, they want custom stuff on their phones so it delays the release of the updates. Personally I don’t want all of that crap on my phone. Oh well, when you get a minute head on over to the link and take a read…


Fragmentation on Android is certainly debatable. Apple loves to pull a punch or two in their fight against Google’s mobile OS and fragmentation always comes up. But what exactly is fragmentation and does it really effect Android users? I think it does. Let me explain.

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