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A Look at Resco Contact Manager Beta

Just the other day Resco released a beta version of their new Contact Manager program and from a TF3D fanboy, I’m actually kind of impressed.  Keep in mind that it is still a beta and there are some bugs flying around, but its still nice.

Resco Contact Manager is fully touch-optimized while offering superior tools in order to manage one’s contacts. The application allows you to easily navigate, search quickly by letter navigation, view text message conversations in a chat-like view and much more.

So unlike many apps that claim goodness, this one actually does.  The interface is pretty smooth and for being a beta, not too many problems.  It is a Today screen plugin, so it does NOT work in conjunction with TF3D, which for some people is good, but for others bad.  This is a BETA which means try at your own risk!

Check out LOTS of pictures and information after the break!

Here is the main Today plugin With my SPB Weather and calendar thrown in there for contrast.  From here you can access your Favorite Contacts, Missed Calls, SMS messages and emails.  You can also turn on/off your phone (Airplane Mode), turn on/off Bluetooth and Wifi.  As of right now you cant change the Bluetooth or Wifi to something else like volume control, that would be a nice add-on.  Also it would be really nice to not have the Email link there since I don’t use the email, but I think just about everyone else does so it makes sense.

Next we have the Favorites which is essentially a smaller version of the Contacts(so we wont look at that tab).  It is very nice and very finger friendly and best of all FAT finger friendly so all us sausage fingers out there have nothing to worry about.  Also the Dialer is NICE (I think) I wish they JUST came out with the Dialer and I’d be a fan… The only problem is that this does not totally replace the phones built in dialer.  I have the stock ROM and dialer, so I don’t know what happens when you have a custom dialer, but when I was receiving a call some weird things happened.  Remember, this is BETA which means not finished…

Onto Call History.  As you can see its pretty similar to normal Call History things, but this tells us with very simple icons missed call, incoming and outgoing calls.  You can also Delete single calls and all calls.  Also it gives you a quick link to your call statistics so you can see how many calls you made last month and this month.  hmm… i missed 21 calls… wtf…

And the last part we’ll look at today is the SMS options.  Resco Contact Manager keeps it threaded like Windows does but it gives you a nice little count for how many messages you’ve sent to the last person and also again like the rest of the app, very finger friendly.  And again it gives you quick access to your SMS statistics.  I didn’t pass my 200msgs for the month, so I’m good…

Overall Resco Contact Manager is a very nice app and I cant wait to see what they do in the future with it.  Go download it and give it a try and let us know what you think.  Hopefully they finish it up soon and we can see how they did!

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