I was expecting a lot more Halloween themed games to be coming out before now, but I really haven’t seen any, have you?  Boo Town is from Glu so it should be a good game and of course the best part is that it’s free.

From the makers of Bug Village comes Boo Town; Glu’s newest and most haunting family friendly iPhone and iPod touch game.  Boo Town’s welcoming afterlife challenges players to keep the ghostly residents happy through activities like decorating the town with haunted mansions, constructing unique shops, collecting spooky pumpkins and visiting Boo Town’s VIGs (very important ghosts). Each stage of the game introduces new environments, collectables and missions to unlock each unique shopkeeper. Best of all, this fun-to-play title is also free-to-play!

Boo Town features:

  • TAKE HALLOWEEN MOBILE! Populate your town with a whole trunk of special Halloween items including a Jack’o Lantern, Jill’o Lantern, costume shops and more!
  • BUILD, DECORATE AND GROW your very own ghost town attractions including haunted mansions, eerie music shops and crops of spooky pumpkins.
  • BOO-TIFY YOUR TOWN to keep ghostly residents happy by adding houses and shops, decorating the town and building up neighborhood attractions.
  • COMPLETE GHOSTLY QUESTS! Earn Rubies and grow your town faster by completing a number of different quests.

The Boo Town app is available for FREE from the Apple App Store www.itunes.com/appstore/


  1. I started playing Boo town and when I reached level 3 all of a suddenly town glitched and says
    I need workers for farms .. But I already have some.. And now every single part of the market says I need a landmark.. Including buying rubies?? Where is support for this game and I’m glad I didn’t buy anything for it !
    Fun game if only it worked!?

  2. I really like this game but like I commented up above it glitched at level 3, sooooo.. After a couple days I deleted the app after looking for app support with no results, and started all over since I was I only level 3 and no big deal. But… When I hit level 16… The same stupid thing happened again..of course after I purchased rubies! Now I’m debating whether to get a refund for my rubies thru apple and stop playing app games altogether lol.. Sigh
    I think the developers of this app need to put down their hamburgers and fix this immediately.. My daughter also had the same thing happen to her game luckily she didn’t make any purchases! This kind of thing isn’t going to give Glu a very good reputation!

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