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Review of WAVEstream Universal Portable Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar

Up for review today I have the WAVEstream Bluetooth sound bar which can be used for music and as a speakerphone. Price is about $25 and for that you get decent and very loud sound but you’ll also get a user replaceable battery which I think is a just a great feature in itself. Read on to learn more..


Product: WAVEstream Universal Portable Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar

Price: $24.50

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



Designed for you’re active work and play digital lifestyle. Audio fidelity is clear and sharp with nice deep bass tones. Keep WAVEstream in the conference room / office for phone call meetings with the team or use the bluetooth speaker functionality within your home. WAVEstream Wireless bluetooth speaker system is portable, wireless and light weight. Control music tracks from the WAVEstream unit itself or from your electronic device.


Seamless Streaming Up To 33ft- Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Connects across all smartphone and tablet devices
Change tracks from your phone or directly from WAVEstream track buttons: works on Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Sound Cloud & more music apps!
Two 40MM drivers deliver deep, rich clear sound
Built-in Phone Conferencing Microphone for Taking Calls
INCLUDED Line In input gives you a wired listening option (great for non Bluetooth device connectivity)
Audible Low Battery alerts notification sound

Package Includes:
Micro Mini USB Charging Cable
Auxiliary Cable Cord
Built-in lithium ION rechargeable battery supports up to 8-10 hours playback

*Seamless bluetooth connection / compatibility across mobile, tablet, desktop and network players. Enjoy lossless music streaming on Apple devices from iPhone, iPad and iPod to Mac, as well as on PC and ALL Android Based Systems.

Size (LWH): 3 inches, 8.5 inches, 1.5 inches
Weight: 1 pounds

Product Features
Minimum Rated Talk Time: 6 hours
Minimum Rated Standby Time: 10 hours
Battery Type: Lithium Ion


What’s in the Box?


Let’s start off with a video unboxing and then continue on from there:


The packing for the Wavestream speaker is very nice looking with lots of pictures and information all over the box for you. When you open the box you’re greeted with the speaker wrapped in plastic for protection in a plastic tray and then you can see the accessories underneath.


 wave2 wave3


Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find the speaker, user guide, battery, microUSB cable and 3.5mm double ended audio cable.


wave5 wave6


The speaker itself is very nicely made, it’s a sound bar style with a nice metal grill protecting the two 40mm speakers inside. It weighs about 16 ounces so it’s not exactly lightweight but it’s solidly made for sure. It’s 3 inches x 8.5 inches x 1.5 inches in size so it’s not exactly small, but it’s still portable.



On the top you’ll find three holes which are indicator LEDs and the microphone for the speakerphone function. You’ll also see three buttons for play/pause, volume/skip track and answer/end calls.



On the back of the speaker you’ll see the on/off switch, microUSB port for charging and the 3.5mm audio input port.



On the bottom you’ll find four rubber feet and the battery cover.

wave9 wave10




Impressions / Review:


The first thing I did was charge the Wavestream with the included USB cable, the LED comes on red to let you know it’s charging. It only took about an hour to charge as it already had a charge when it arrived to me.



For testing I used the Wavestream with my PS Vita and HTC One M7 like I normally do, these are my most commonly used devices. The Wavestream can be used with other non-Bluetooth devices as well as it comes with 3.5mm cable and has a 3.5mm input port.




Using it with the PS Vita I found I couldn’t control the speaker with it, but the Wavestream does have controls on it for volume so it’s not an issue really.

Using it with the HTC One I found I could control the speaker with the phone controls. Then I could also control the phone with the Wavestream controls as well so everything worked as it should. I could change the volume, skip tracks, play/pause and answer/end calls.


Sound Quality/Volume:

The first thing I did with both of my devices was turn the volume all the way up and I was very surprised by just how loud the Wavestream can get, this little speaker does really have room filling sound.

Sound quality is decent, there wasn’t much distortion at high volume levels and the bass and treble seem well balanced overall.

Sound is clear and for music, games or phone calls.



The Wavestream is a good portable external speaker in my opinion, sound is decent and it has controls right on the device and it has a 3.5mm input port as well to be used with most any device out there.

For the price I think the Wavestream is well worth it, it offers decent and very loud audio.

One of the features I love about the Wavestream is the fact that the battery is replaceable, most devices have a built-in battery and when it dies you have to throw the whole device away which I think is a waste really. The battery for the Wavestream is a common battery that can be purchased for about $6 on Amazon and that includes shipping and that one I found is also a larger capacity so you’ll even get more run time with it.


+ Very loud
+ Decent Sound
+ Replaceable battery
+ On device controls


– Big and rather heavy



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.