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Free App Friday: SmartWiFi for BlackBerry

BlackBerry owners got some AT&T Torch 9800 goodness thrown at them earlier this week and now you can have some Free App Friday goodness from Handango. Check it out:

Is your WiFi eating up your battery? By combining cell tower and WiFi hotspot information, SmartWiFi turns off WiFi when not needed and turns it back on when needed again. Spend less time worrying about preserving your power with the smartest way to save battery on your BlackBerry. Use 100% off code FAF806 today to download SmartWifi for your BlackBerry!

Features include:

  • Saves battery by turning off WiFi when not needed
  • Remembers the WiFi locations you use
  • Up to 100 WiFi locations supported
  • Powers WiFi back on when you are back in WiFi coverage
  • Displays useful information: BSSID, SSID, Data Rate, Radio Band and Signal Level
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