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Free App: HiDrive for iOS

So are you looking for some more storage for your iOS devices?  How about a free 5gigs of it? That’s what you can get with the new free HiDrive app that was just announced as being available today in the App Store. Good news though, it’s also available for WP7 and Android users, so you won’t feel left out.

Strato’s online storage product – is now available. Users can download the HiDrive App with the search term ‘HiDrive’ at the App Store or at

HiDrive can now be accessed via iPhone, iPad and iPod when users are on the go. With this newly launched App, Strato now provides three applications for mobile access to HiDrive – for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. Strato also announces today that new smartphone App enhancements are available for Android and Windows Phone 7, which include file sharing and optimised access to photos and images. To make use of the Apps go to and activate a HiDrive Free online storage account, which offers users 5 GB of free storage space.


With the new iOS-App, users can easily access their HiDrive accounts; they only need to log in with their username and password, and all online stored folders and files are displayed on their mobile device. Photos, videos, music and documents in all common file formats can be opened with the iOS-App for HiDrive. These include jpg, gif, bmp, png, mp3, wav, mp4, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt and html. The HiDrive App even accommodates large files on any iOS device: anyone wanting to watch a film can start to stream it without delay. Likewise, users can send files of up to 25 MB per email irrespective of the file format. Secure access to files is guaranteed as well, because the iOS-App for HiDrive establishes its connection to the online storage system over encrypted WebDAV.


File sharing and optimised access to photos for Android and Windows Phones

Strato has enhanced its Apps for Android and Windows Phone 7 devices with new features. The new share feature makes it incredibly easy to share files with others. HiDrive users simply select a file, create a share link and send it via email. This means that users are not only able to save their photos and access them via the HiDrive Apps, but can also share them directly from a holiday destination, or other remote locations, without blocking mailboxes with large mail attachments. Anyone wanting to use their smartphone to quickly and easily access images stored on HiDrive can now enjoy optimised image access via the HiDrive App. With the new image preview feature, photos and images are immediately displayed as a thumbnail as soon as a folder is accessed. This way, HiDrive users can now share photos with others via a share link without having to open and download them beforehand.


With the HiDrive Apps for Android and Windows Phone 7, users can easily access files on their HiDrive and directly upload photos taken with the smartphone. Anyone saving their music files on HiDrive can stream their songs on their Android smartphone directly from HiDrive without having to download the files completely – saving both time and memory space. Depending on the type and setting of the device, the Android App also supports the streaming of all popular film file formats. Users can download the HiDrive App for Android in the Android Market at The HiDrive App for Windows Phone 7 is available in the Windows Marketplace under the search term ‘HiDrive’.

HiDrive Free – 5GB of free online storage


To obtain 5 GB of online storage space free of charge, simply register at With HiDrive, everyone can have access to their personal files anytime and anywhere; on their smartphone, tablet PC, or on their PC at work. If you are using your own computer, HiDrive Free can be integrated as a drive under Windows using a software package. When using different computers, secure access is recommended via the online File Manager in the client area – users are automatically taken to this area following login.