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Free Cocktail Mixer App For WM

Marketplace now shows an app called Cocktail Mixer from Innovative Solutions that’s making me thirsty. Here’s their description:

Thinking about having a party? Or maybe just want to try out something new? Cocktail Mixer makes sure that you find what you are looking for:choose from more than 15.000 recipes. No matter if you want a classic Cosmopolitan, a Bloody Mary, a coffee, a punch or a shot – Cocktail Mixer has it. You can list recipes by name, serving glass or type. The advanced search function allows you to easily search for all cocktails that contain specific ingredients; this feature comes handy when you only want to display the cocktails that you can actually make. Get this app now, for free!


  • 15.000 recipes
  • list recipes by name, serving glass or type
  • search for all cocktails with specific ingredients

So far 14 people have rated it and it has 5 stars…but they probably have one or two in them and they probably think everyone in the room is a 10… They do have an odd category called ‘non-alcoholic’ – I’ll just stay away from that one.

Check it out here on Market Place