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Free eBook on Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Toolkit in Depth for Windows Phone 7 developers is giving away their recently published (11/11/11) eBook on Silverlight  for Windows Phone 7 Toolkit in Depth.

This eBook is for Windows Phone 7 Developers or anyone who is interested in learning Silverlight for Windows Phone 7. This book provides in depth knowledge on all the controls from Microsoft Silverlight Windows Phone Toolkit 7.1 – Aug 2011 SDK, which is also known as Mango. This book is suitable for beginners and advanced developers. However this book doesn’t teach you Silverlight programming, Windows Phone 7 architecture and C# programming. These are minimum requirements before you begin reading this book.

Author Boryana Miloshevska, software developer with more than 6 years of professional experience with .NET technologies, did a good job in providing detailed info on every control that is part of Windows Phone Toolkit 7.1 (Mango).

She is co-founder of .

This book is highly  recommended for every Windows Phone 7 developer.

You can get the book from and more information about it from here.