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Salient Mobility Releases Its Ad-Based EcoTextSmart Text Messaging System Free to the Public


So this morning I got this press release in my inbox, now if you read the title you’d think this might be something good for us, but digging deeper we find that it actually could be a very bad thing for us, the consumers.

The gist of this press release is that this company is offering its service for free to publishers and not consumers, even though it says ‘to the public’. Looking a little closer we find that the service they’re offering is meant to be ecologically smart or responsible in that instead of mailing things you can just text people advertisements, huh? Wait what? So this company is offering a FREE service to businesses to let them spam us via SMS instead of via snail mail junk mail?! How is this a good thing? And what about people who don’t have unlimited texting plans? Do they really think we want to pay per text to see advertisements?

One one hand this could be a good thing, it could be something of use, but as with anything, there is going to be people who abuse it. I can see how it might be nice to receive coupons or find store locations near us as mentioned in the press release, some people might find this useful. On the flip side though the abuse of this service is inevitable  as with anything, we already receive tons of junk email and paper mail, so now we’re going to be getting it on our phones as well?

This, in my opinion, is a bad thing.

Offering a free service to spam sms people? yeah, this isn’t going to turn out too well…

Continue on to read the entire press release and form your own opinion on it…


Salient Mobility Releases Its Ad-Based EcoTextSmart(TM) Text Messaging System Free to the Public

ATLANTA, May 14 /PRNewswire/ — Salient Mobility LLC, a leading provider of mobile data solutions, today announced the release of its Ad-based version of EcoTextSmart(TM). The new Ad-based EcoTextSmart(TM) version is offered to business account users as Publishers, and at no cost.

The Ad-based EcoTextSmart(TM) system offers SMS publishing and ad insertion services. A variety of market proven campaign types, range from the ability to setup SMS Text Message Blasts, Subscriptions, Text2Vote, Text2Win, Auto-Response, and Appointment Reminders, all at no cost to the user. The system has been provisioned and approved by major wireless carriers i.e. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, SPRINT, Alltel, Boost, and Virgin Mobile.

"Salient Mobility is one of the first application providers to offer a free full featured SMS text message application with nationwide reach to its users. The intent is to eventually monetize our vast database of SMS publishers through advertising."

"A big differentiator for us today is our ability to deliver cutting-edge mobile data solutions quickly and efficiently, we deliver relevant and innovative content to consumers through the rich user experience of Business Text Messaging, powered by the EcoTextSmart(TM) Platform," said Steven Collins, Managing Member Salient Mobility LLC.

By offering the service free, Publishers will more readily, and easily "opt in" to setup mobile campaigns for users to place votes, receive coupons, gather store locations nearest them or find new ways to integrate product/service into their lives. There is no end to the options that Publishers can provide and is only limited by their own creativity and vision of "what’s possible."

Publishers are provided 125 characters of space to launch either campaign, with the remaining 35 characters being utilized by EcoTextSmart(TM) and advertisers. Advertisers have the ability to select from, and send mobile ad message phrases to handsets throughout the U.S. at ad levels of 50K to over 500K.

About Salient Mobility

Salient Mobility is a wireless technology company that provides full service text messaging platforms utilizing SMS (Short Message Service), and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

Salient Mobility develops customized advertising campaigns that engage customers in one-to-many interactive wireless experiences. At Salient Mobility, we know that by utilizing wireless technology we are adopting more environmentally friendly business practices and make a BIG difference in the world by reducing waste, and the clutter of junk mail. As a result of Salient Mobility’s success in delivering mobile content, more and more people are requesting our platforms.

Our nationwide reach means we can facilitate mobile messaging services and products throughout North America. We have developed strong partnerships with many major industry leaders to ensure our solutions are compatible, well-connected and secure. Salient Mobility is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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