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Free Fuze For A Limited Time

free Want a free Fuze? If you’re a new subscriber you can get one. In fact with a contract extension it’s only $150. The fine print is missing from the site (it doesn’t really go into detail) so this is probably the kind of thing you want to do over the phone with a tape recorder:) The deals are through WireFly and appear to require an $80 voice plan (no sign of a data plan) but as I said the ‘additional information’ doesn’t shed much light. If you’re in the market for a new Fuze (or a second Fuze:)) check out this link for new customers and  if you’re looking for the contract extension go to the same link and hit the link on top of the page for ‘get this phone with a contract extension’ (sorry but it doesn’t have its own hyperlink). This deal is valid until April 6.

If you try this deal or if you inquire about it and have more details please share with the community by posting a comment.

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