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GRemote Pro Released

GRemote has got to be one of the neatest apps ever released and a new version is now out. Let’s go through what the app itself can do. Essentially, it lets you use your phone as a mouse for your PC but it has several different modes it can work in:

  • GCenter – place to select controller type

  • GMouse – mouse control like Logitech MX Air (not the same)

  • Touchpad – applet which emulates laptops touchpad with a scroll area (dpad centre is left mouse button, useful for drag&drop)

  • GPad – especially for Media Center (generates arrow keys, Enter, Backspace, Esc, Alt+F4, StartMenu)

  • GMedia – multimedia keys for Windows Media Player (VolUP, VolDown, Play/Pause,Stop,Next, Prior)

  • Keyboard – Now you can use any SIP method including the hardware keyboard in HTC Touch Pro. Extra keys on screen Ctrl, Alt (three state), Esc, Del, Tab

  • GRace – thanks to PPJoy we have analogue game controller with 2 axis and 12 buttons. It is similar to NiiMe for Nokia, but only steering wheel at the moment.

  • If you want those features then good news – it’s free. If you want to ability to customize it then it’s time to go Pro which lets you edit skins, add new applets and buttons and you can even assign new function for buttons. Essentially the Pro version lets you do anything you want with GRemote:) It’s only $15 for the Pro version and as I’ve said the standard version is free but remember the amount of development that has gone into this app so a little beer money is more than fair:) I’ve tried this in the past and it’s really mind boggling. Any one of these functions alone would be great and when they’re combined you really get a ton of added functionality. You should give the free version a try and the Pro version has a demo version so you can test it before buying it (it displays message and blocks application every 5 min when device is connected and you need to click OK to continue).

    So head over to to give it a try. If you have a problem connecting to your PC check out this link.