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HTC Album From Touch Pro 2 Ported to VGA

Herg did it again. He’s successfully ported the Touch Pro 2 version of HTC Album for our Touch Pro’s. So, what’s so special about this newer version? Well for starters it runs faster than the previous version which is a great start. On top of that the social network engine is active meaning that you will have options to upload to FaceBook within HTC Album. The first time you upload it will ask for your login information and the uploads happen so fast you don’t think it even worked (but it does – I tried it:)) Also if you have FootPrints installed then it will work with FootPrints. The result is that if you have a picture that was tagged with gps coordinates there is a drop down menu that shows up with two blanks in it – the first blank opens the coordinates in Google Maps and the second one opens in Footprints. If there are no gps coordinates then the only blank will be to open it in FootPrints which will then, let you add the photo as a footprint and give any other information you may want to give (and you can add the location tag at that time).  These are both really neat options for reliving your photos.

You can read the thread here or just download the file directly from here and make sure while you’re doing it you’re actively thanking Herg for the third time in a row.