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Free iOS Game: Combo Slash

Free is nice I think we all can agree on that. Combo Slash is a new game for iOS that is free but it’s only free for a limited time so if you want it you need to grab it now. The game is done in anime style and it’s 2d side scroller that looks pretty decent.


One of the most exciting 2D side scrollers to hit the App Store in some time has just announced a fantastic limited time offer. Combo Slash, the combat-heavy tale of fairy-saving heroics, will be available to download at no charge in the iTunes App Store—but only for fans who act fast.

The game’s draw is due to its overall excellence in design, accent on action, and remarkable replay potential. Combo Slash is a perfect example of polished game development, first exhibited by its exceptional character design and rich environments. The adrenaline rush generated by its smoothly animated combo-heavy combat is heightened by superior sound effects. Depth and complexity are added by RPG inspired skill upgrades, equipment drops, and special abilities engaged by maxing out the hero’s Fury meter.

What has truly earned the hearts of its fans, however, is Combo Slash’s incredible potential for replay without becoming predictable. Randomized terrain is the first step; randomized maps complete the transformation from a predictable side-scroller to a game that transforms itself each time it’s picked up.

Usually retailing at $0.99, Combo Slash is unquestionably an exceptional game at an exceptionally fair price—as a free download, it’s a steal. iOS game enthusiasts can download Combo Slash free of charge right now in the iTunes App Store.

Major Features:

  • Gorgeously animated attack combos combine realism and fantasy for adrenaline pumping action
  • RPG-inspired skill system gives your character an incredible 39 different skills to learn and upgrade
  • Smooth graphics, excellent sound effects, and constantly evolving terrain make Combo Slash a uniquely satisfying gameplay experience
  • Randomized terrain is complemented by the randomized map system – not only are the individual areas newly created each time you play, the map generated by each new game is unique – you rely entirely on your instincts and crystal detector to find the fairy prisoner and the boss you must defeat!
  • Multiple opportunities to increase your character’s skills and equipment. Leveling improves your stats, and the potential to learn new skills. Upgrade your equipment and find new equipment by thoroughly exploring levels. Plus, stack combos to fill your Fury gauge to engage your Ultimate skills!
  • Hone your search, destroy, and rescue tactics by tailoring your inventory to meet the unique challenges posed by each stage. Grenades, mines, traps, scrolls, various weapons, and multitudes of consumable items add up to flexible ferocity!

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