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Task Fascade: A Must For the MultiTasking Fool!

Are you someone who is writing an email, doing some math on the calculator, checking Red Sox scores on the web, and looking up a contact…all at the same time? And isn’t it a pain, after being in several apps to have to return to either the Today screen or the Start Menu to get to another app?

Well, my dear multitaskers, your prayers have been answered (okay, just this little one). Introducing Task Fascade, a great app switcher, pictured recently in David (Special) K’s pro-WM article on TestFreaks, and compiments of gps-lover over at xda-developers (click here for thread). I have been using it for a while and it works great. I mapped my PTT short-press button to it and any time I need to switch apps, a simple press and touch takes me to it. I don’t see many apps that are so simple and practical, and that I use many times a day.

See the pic below to see how it looks. To download, click here.