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Free iPhone 4 Case from MobileFun

Read it…

“We were all really excited about the launch of iPhone 4, but like most people that queued up to get their hands on one we were extremely disappointed to find that there is a problem with signal reception when you hold the phone in a certain way. Apple have acknowledged that there is something wrong are being a little slow to get a fix in place. Their advice is to hold the phone in a different way or use an iPhone 4 Case.

At Mobile Fun we want everyone to be able to use their iPhone 4 without any worries over signal, so we’re doing what Apple won’t do and giving you a free case for your iPhone 4 to help resolve the signal loss issues.”


How to Get your Free Case:
  1. Add the Mobile Fun iPhone 4 Case to your basket
  2. Enter the Promo Code DEATHGRIP
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment for delivery
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