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theChanner TV on the move and it’s FREE!

TheChanner is a free World TV tuner that allows you to watch the best Internet TV on your mobile phone or PC.

It’s about exploring the best free World TV channels, from news to music, weather to sports, entertainment 24/7- on your Mobile and on your PC. theChanner runs on Wi-Fi or 3G phones and brings you live TV for free.

Once installed, you will be asked to register then you sign in and your on your way to free TV. I have tested this on my Fuze running NRGZ28’s Titanium (WM6.5) ROM.


Menu controls:


Channel list:


What to watch… Here are a few of the available channels

Massive Mag Xtreme, for stunning all extreme sports contests!

Research Channel ,where science is no fiction.

Canal7 ,want to know what’s happening on the Swedish music scene?

BMETV, watch what’s next on the underground arena..

Boardriders, If you are keen on surf and slides that’s your channel!

TVFLY, see the latest music from East Europe from Poland

BBC Weather, If you are wondering what to put on, get your weather forecast here!

Fashion Guide, latest trends and live fashions shows

NJTV7, Manga and Chinese cartoons, get to see them!

And many, many more.


How to install theChanner:

A. Download and installation from a Mobile device.

Once in theChanner website, go to the download page and select the option “from a Windows mobile phone”

When prompted to download or open the file (as shown above), click on the “Open file after download” checkbox and tap the “Yes” button. This will start the download and the installation will be launched.

Next step is selecting where to install theChanner: In your device or in the storage card. Do your selection and click “Install”. Installation will be completed in a while. After that, you may be prompted to reboot. Reboot will install theChanner shortcut access in the main screen in your device (known as ‘Today’ screen). Reboot is recommended but not necessary. If you prefer not to do it, you will be able to access theChanner from the ‘Programs’ folder or the ‘Start’ menu.

Once installed, click on theChanner shortcut on your ‘Start’ menu or on theChanner icon in the ‘Programs’ folder. theChanner will start.

Note: Some phone models already come with the software ‘.Net Compact Framework v2′ from Microsoft. theChanner requires this software to run. theChanner will verify if this software is already on your mobile and if it is not, it will ask you to install it. When the software will be installed in your mobile, you will be prompted, again, to reboot your phone. That is recommended but not necessary. Once it will be installed, you can start theChanner.

A few tips and tricks:

…double-tapping a channel on the TV List plays such channel?

…you can send theChanner to a friend by tapping the share button?

…every comment you add will be visible for everyone from mobile or a PC?

…last channel viewed at shutdown will be automatically played when you restart theChanner?

…you can build your own favourite channel list by grouping your favourite channels through the heart button?

…you can filter channels by country, language or category, from the TV list?

…theChanner will tell you when a channel is or not broadcasting?