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Free Nexus S at BestBuy Today (August 3)

Hola from Spain! Because of the time change, I’m getting tech news six hours ahead of EST and nine hours ahead of the epicenter of technology, San Francisco, of course (also my home!). It is almost 10 am (GMT +1; I love writing that) on August 3rd here in Basque country and I was surfing the ‘Net and came across a deal that I had to share, namely the Google Nexus S (AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint) at BestBuy for FREE!!

I went to the BB web site and, sure enough, it’s free. And the extra good news is that the deal doesn’t just apply to new contracts, but also upgrades (which works for me). Another plus, especially for those like myself who aren’t able to get a hands-on feel for the phone, is that BB offers a 30-day return policy on mobile phones.

If I take this deal, with CA sales tax, it only costs me $31.

Obviously, this kind of deal means that BB and the carriers are trying to unload this relatively old (yet still very capable) phone in preparation for the next generation Nexus.

Decisions, decisions. Go for the Nexus S at a great price or wait for the next big thing to come to AT&T (and there do seem to be many great phones on the horizon, though they all seem to have screens bigger than 4″; too big for me)?

What do y’all think?

Hasta la vista, baby…