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Friday Fireballs: Facebook Home Brings Social To The Front

If you—like me—tuned into the Facebook Home announcement anxious to see just what Facebook had in store for us at their new home on Android I’m sure you left with mixed feelings too. Some came expecting the world, some not so much. I was decidedly in the “yawn” section of the viewers who simply felt like this was much ado about nothing. Correction, it was much ado about one thing. Facebook is making a move to profit off of Android like everybody else.

Each major OS has been championing social network integration in their latest operating systems. The problem Facebook faced in this increasingly mobile world is that Facebook is no longer the sole place we spend our time online. Now you have Google+, Twitter and even Facebook’s new acquisition Instagram. Facebook feared losing mindshare and made a bold move to put themselves out front. Will it work? I think so, to a degree. Just to make things clear Facebook borrowed heavily from Windows Phone’s “Put People First” mantra.