Nokia Lumia 520 is now $49.99 at Amazon and Best Buy. Stocking stuffer?


  1. Oh boy I have to get a couple while their hot. No shipping since I got Amazon prime. Glad to see this pop up as I’ve been too busy with work to pay attention or keep up with much.

  2. I was all set to order one of these, but after reading that some apps might not be compatible with the 512RAM, I ordered an open box Nokia 820 and a 1 yr Square Trade warranty for $155 on e-bay.
    I already know that the 1G RAM will be sufficient for their needs, as I already have 2 N820 in my household. However, Words With Friends still freezes the device.
    Since I moved my SIM card to the N1520 I have not touched my Nexus 5, it seems we have become a Windows Phone house.

  3. Haven’t had any app problems with my 520, but I am not really a gamer. The 15-20 games I have purchased all installed just fine. But I understand why the 512RAM would affect someone’s buying decision. I guess that’s what the 525 is all about.

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