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Froyo Time Baby!

Pic related: the middle squirrel represents Google’s Android developers, the flower is the greatly anticipated release of Android 2.2 aka Froyo, the flower’s stem represents a download link and the bottom squirrel is the Nexus One owners of the world who didn’t get the OWA ping yet. I don’t know what the top squirrel is yet. Payroll maybe? Then I guess the branch would be accounts receivable.

I had to crop it to fit into the article template but outside of the frame is a snail representing Windows Mobile development, further to the right a copycat representing Microsoft and the cantankerous sheep vigorously sniffing the copycat’s filty butt would be David K.

Anyway yes it does Flash (whoop dee doo), it’s crazy fast and super awesome. Tethering, wifi hotspot, the whole deal. It’s trickling out on OTA updates but who knows when that will hit everyone but not to worry because you can blaze it up manually. Those who have installed it are loving it very vocally, however as of now that group of people is limited to those who have non-rooted phones. What, your phone is rooted? Yeah, mine too, but don’t worry, Paul O’Brian from XDA or freenode or maybe Google hacked together a no-prerequisite package you can flash as you would any other rom and here’s your mirror.

Not rooted? Good for you. Go ahead and download Froyo, lay it on the root folder of your SD chip, power down, hold down the volume down button while you hit power to turn it back on, scroll to recovery and press power, when you see the triangle with the exclamation mark hit power and home at the same time, select Apply, let her rip and reboot.

And now that this article is out of the way, I’m gonna fire it up and report back. Here goes. Woah, this is fast!

Doug Simmons