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Frozen Bubble Available For Windows Phones

A classic has made its way to Windows Phones as a free/ad based game. It relies on the open source code so it’s a port of the original game. here’s the official description:

Finally for the Windows Phone 7. Frozen Bubble is a game that has been on every platform and is finally coming to Windows Phone 7.
It is 100 levels of puzzle gaming. A little luck and you may make it to the 100th level as well. Help save the Penguins igloos.
To play the game, match 3 or more of the same color bubble. Do not let the bubbles cross the line at the bottom of the screen or lose a life. You have 4 only. There are no points gained. It is all about the levels. See if you can be the first to finish the 100th level on the normal mode.
Two forms of playing:
You have 10 seconds to release a bubble or it will release on its on. Every 8 times a bubble attaches to other bubbles or the ceiling the compressor will drop all bubbles down 1 row. It is as simple as that. Can you be the first to make 100 in the normal mode.
Childs play, there is no timer and no drop down. If you find it boring and less exciting, normal play awaits.
If you find any errors, please email
Frozen Bubble has a huge following and you can find a lot of information about it at
Good luck, have fun and make it to 100.

Looks like a good casual game and I’ll continue to call it Snood…