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Fruit Rumble Comes to iPhone And iPad

Not free, but it’s 99 cents and it’s rather cute. The game is called Fruit Rumble and you play the fruit in the bowl of fruit where you are fighting back against the fruit flies! I don’t know about you but I hate fruit flies, they’re annoying little creatures to be sure. I’m sure the fruit is with me on this one as well, I don’t think they like them either!

Among the breakfast table croissants, discarded chess boards and desktop stationary a battle is occurring between insects and fruit. iPhone and iPad gamers seeking a new challenge can experience the excitement and addictive challenge of this battle by defending the fruit bowl from gluttonous insect attacks, in the newly launched iOS arcade game Fruit Rumble from Vestram Software.

Users are transported to one of 8 gorgeously rendered tabletops where they must use the strength of various fruits to shoot at oncoming insect invaders before they reach the fruit bowl. Starting as a single cherry, before expanding to a multi-fruit defense, users must use their skill to swipe across the screen to splat a variety of incoming hungry insects, including bug-eyed beetles, worms, flys and spiders, all to a background of suitably quirky music and sound effects.

Gameplay generation algorithms ensure every insect wave is different, whilst fast reactions, good co-ordination and fun multi-finger swiping are required to ensure that the fruit stop the insects in their tracks. Successful players can progress through multiple levels of ever-increasing difficulty while in-game achievements and high scores are saved within Game Center, allowing gamers and friends around the globe to compete with each other to reach the top of the Fruit Rumble leader board.

Fruit Rumble, the fun arcade game that is suitable for users of all ages, including children, is available in the App Store as a universal download for iPhone and iPad at: