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Fulton Innovation Unveils the Next Generation of Wireless Power Solutions at 2012 CES

I don’t think I know enough about wireless charging to make an opinion of it. It is an interesting concept though, but wireless power is an odd thin if you think about, we have so much stuff floating around in the air and now we’re going to have power floating around up there too? It is the logical next step in charging but I don’t know about it just yet, it’s still new but it is a cool concept. Fulton has come up with a wireless charging solution that allows you to charge not just on a surface but above it as well. You can leave your phone in your bag and it will still charge.


Fulton Innovation the creator and exclusive licensor of eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power (, is announcing technological breakthroughs in wireless power, showing demonstrations of multi-range, multi-protocol, and multi-surface applications at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Fulton is taking wireless technology to the next level by increasing spatial freedom with interoperability that enables a device to be moved around both on and above a surface while maintaining efficient and continuous charge.  The ability to wirelessly charge through a metal surface is another industry-first that Fulton will be demonstrating.

The new development in spatial freedom for wireless power technology will be demonstrated by charging a cell phone through a handbag, without the need for wires (video:  Other demonstrations include devices within the general area of a wireless power transmitter than will still charge.  The days of having to place a phone on an exact charging spot will soon be a thing of the past.

Fulton has developed an advanced wireless power solution that can be built into almost any surface, including packaging and publications. At CES, Fulton will show a copy of Entertainment Weekly powered by eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology. The magazine will light up on the shelf using wirelessly powered printed electronics –a low-powered, low cost, truly flexible example of wireless power in action.

Fulton’s booth will include the cockpit of a car that has its interior surfaces enabled for wireless power.  Phones, tablets and other devices can be placed in the glove compartment or the center console and charge without plugging in a single cord.